General Terms & Conditions of Delivery:

  • Delivery of Goods

The client agrees that the goods are delivered upon loading of the goods on the agreed carrier at the facility at Tenterden WA. The goods delivered are as specified in the Supply Contract in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Supply Contract if the carrier’s driver signs off on the Despatch/Stock Release docket.

  • Contamination & Weight Disclaimer

The carrier accepts all responsibility for any contamination occurring due to failure to clean trailers, prior to loading at Australian Mineral Fertilisers’ facility at Tenterden WA. The undersigned on the despatch docket agrees that supervision was carried out during loading and all of the weights listed above are correct at the time of leaving Australian Mineral Fertilisers’ weighbridge.

  • Responsibility for Loss or Damage to Goods

The responsibility and the risk for the loss or damage to the Goods passes on to the client upon delivery as stated in Clause 1. Australian Mineral Fertilisers accepts no responsibility in tort or contract or otherwise for any loss or destruction of or damage to; or carrier’s miss-delivery or failure to deliver, or delay in delivery of the goods whatever the reason. The client agrees to indemnify Australian Mineral Fertilisers against any loss, damage or expense sustained by any person (including the carrier) by reason of any such loss, damage, miss-delivery, non-delivery or delay in delivery to the end destination.

  • Australian Mineral Fertilisers’ Warranty

Australian Mineral Fertilisers expressly warrants to the Client that Australian Mineral Fertilisers are the owners of goods dispatched with this Despatch/Stock Release docket. Australian Mineral Fertilisers indemnify the Client for any liability whatsoever to any person in respect of the goods subject to this Despatch/Stock Release docket who may claim to have, who has, or may have later on, any interest in the goods in whole or in part.

  • Insurance of the Goods

The Client will effect insurance of goods to the full value as specified in the invoice pertaining to this Despatch/Stock Release docket. The Client agrees to pay the cost of the insurance of the goods.

  • General

The terms and conditions of Despatch/Stock Release are governed and construed by the laws of the State of Western Australia. Accordingly, any proceedings in respect of any claim, matter or thing against Australian Mineral Fertilisers must be instituted in the State of Western Australia only.

Due to the nature of the mineral fertiliser there may be dust associated with the product and it could be necessary to keep vigilance on equipment where the built up dust could affect equipment operations. Contact your AMF Rep or Head Office immediately if this occurs.

Australian Mineral Fertilisers manufacture a biologically based alkaline mineral compound fertiliser which is blended with various soluble N, P and K components to give a “Typical Analysis” (average by weight) per batch. Samples taken for analysis may vary within a load as segregation of blended components may occur when a load is transported over long distances (vibration in transport) or is allowed to “cone” when discharged. The Typical Analysis is correct at the time of dispatch.