Grow Safe Launch

Australian Mineral Fertilisers have always been passionate about food quality. Over the last fifteen years AM Fertilisers identified a clear correlation between remineralising the soil through biological means, and producing more nutritious, sustainable and healthy food.  AM Fertilisers have undergone rigorous research and product refinements for every growing condition – be it fruits, vegetables, grains or animal pasture. Today there are many different producers across Western Australia that have shifted to this biological way of growing food.

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Australian Mineral Fertilisers could see the need for a connection between growers and their customers, and have since developed Grow Safe©. This embodies the values of producing food in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, while replenishing the soil minerals for nutritious food. Grow Safe© is a ‘farm to fork’ concept that aims to educate those on how their food is grown and consequently make informed purchase decisions. AM Fertilisers strongly believes that through a biological system like Grow Safe, we can increase the quality and quantity of Western Australia’s agricultural production, without compromising human health or the environment.

Leading west Australian horticulturist Sabrina Hahn is renowned for her interest in soil fertility and its relationship to plant and human health. Sabrina was introduced to AM Fertilisers founder Stephen Frost and was genuinely impressed by the innovation of combining soil biology, mineralisation and environmentally friendly fertiliser to achieve higher quality produce.

“I am seriously excited about Grow Safe and what this means for gardeners and producers alike. Having used Grow Safe extensively over a period of years in different applications it has been consistently outstanding”Sabrina Hahn

On the 15th of September Australian Mineral Fertilisers partnered with Sabrina Hahn to officially launch the Grow Safe© initiative. The Grow Safe© Launch at La Sosta Restaurant Fremantle provided an opportunity to showcase some of AM Fertiliser’s devoted clients – with produce from all over Western Australia.

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The launch connected many growers, horticultural specialists and restaurateurs alike. It was great to see many other gardening experts such as Sue McDougal, Josh Bryne, Steve Wood, Colin Barlow and Deryn Thorpe. A charity auction was also held with football legend Barry Cable and Hayden Ballantyne from the Fremantle Dockers taking part. Over $4500.00 was raised for Melanoma WA and auctioneer Tiny Holly made it a great night for all.

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AM Fertilisers would like to thank all those who contributed to the launch. Produce on the night included fruit & vegetables from Dimasi Produce & Pack House in Donnybrook and citrus from Stonemeal Farm in Narrikup. Grow Safe© pork was supplied by Rob & Phillip Bradley, beef from Brian & Marlene Trigwell and lamb from Rhys & Candy Morcombe. Dairy products were provided by Gavin Italiano and Custard Co crafted a special apple cider for the event. Wine produced on a Grow Safe© program came from Montefalco, West Cape Howe and Alkoomi. Other thanks go to La Sosta Restaurant, Peter D’Ascanio and the Princi Family for making it all possible.