Grow Safe Services

We can assist you to commence and build on the basic principles of biological mineral farming. Using our GrowSafe® system you can optimise on-farm production, quality and net returns.

  • Agronomy
  • Microbiology, in-crop monitoring and tissue testing (MMM program): includes help with education, interpretation and analysis
  • Soil testing (soil physical, soil nutrient, soil biology) and reports: comprehensive interpretation and reports; program suggestions based on each analytical test. Supported by professional and practical field results and appropriate advice from agronomists, soil specialists and microbiologists.
  • Biologically-Compatible chemical use: Our microbe and fertiliser programs include suggestions on economic, effective, responsible and biologically-compatible chemical use to optimise soil, health and soil productivity; based on practical field experience and independent trial data. And YES, we do use Ag chemicals in our programs!

Just ask us how we can help you.