Home Garden Fertilisers

Efficient ‘all round’ use in the garden.

Grow Safe® fertiliser is ideal for the home garden. It is best suited to lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit, indoor plants, vegetables and native plants.

Plants require less water.

The Grow Safe® beneficial microbes in our fertiliser stimulate root growth and soil organic Carbon, which leads to better water retention. This microbe activity improves soil structure and health which helps improve water efficiency.

Healthier, happier plants.

Grow Safe® fertilisers are slow-release and are biologically compatible with soil microbes. These help fix organic matter in the soil – boosting soil structure and preserving soil health. If you are growing fruit and vegetables, these plants up take over sixty trace elements available in Grow Safe fertilisers, improving their nutrient density.

Safer around your home and the environment.

Our Grow Safe® fertiliser is safe to use around your home as it is non-toxic, safe for waterways (high Nutrient Use Efficiency) and contain natural rock-mineral ores – making them safe to use around children and pets.

Soil Microbes



Grow Safe® Microbes are a balanced combination of cultured soil microorganisms that help mobile minerals and other essential nutrients for uptake by plants. Beneficial bacteria and fungi are essential to soil fertility – allowing plants to better access nutrition, improve water efficiency and overall plant performance.  Soil microbes play essential roles in maintaining healthy soils and healthy plants. They are involved in almost all nutrient transactions within the soil. The bulk of these transactions are vital for nutrient availability and exchange to our plants – be it for cropping, pastural or horticultural operations.

These microbial species include:

  • Azotobacter – Free-living nitrogen fixing bacteria.
  • Bacilli – Bacteria that assist in soil conditioning, accessing phosphorus reserves and building soil structure.
  • Mycorrhizae – Fungi that assist in plants’ mineral nutrient uptake, improve soil health and nutrient recycling processes.
  • Pseudomonas – Soldier bacteria that help protect the plant root zone and solubilise phosphates within the soil profile.
  • Rhizobium – Symbiotic bacteria that fix nitrogen in the root nodules of leguminous plants.
  • Trichoderma – Symbiont fungi that improve plant health.

Grow Safe® Soil Microbes can be applied in a variety of ways – be it coating the mineral granules, seed inoculation or as a liquid foliar spray.

SDS – AMF Premium Agricultural Microbes

SDS – AMF VAM Plus Microbes

If you would like to know more about how to apply microbes as a foliar or seed inoculation, please download the PDF’s below:

AMF Microbe Application & Seed Coating – 11 Feb 14

Handy Hints 12 Microbes & MicroSTIX2 11 Feb 14

Home Gardener – All-Purpose Living Fertiliser

Suitable for all applications – trees & natives, fruit & vegetables, ornamentals, shrubs & roses and lawns. The Grow Safe® flagship product for all the home garden fertiliser needs, coated with 72 Billion CFU/kg. Available in 4.5kg,  10kg and 25kg.

SDS – GS Home Gardener 4.5kg

SDS – GS Home Gardener 10kg

Home Gardener 10kg Packaging

% ppm Bulk
N P K Ca S Mg Fe Si Mn Zn Cu Mo Se Co
6.5 1.0 5.0 6.5 10.0 2.0 3.5 9.0 5500 550 500 1.0 2 35 1.1