Soil & Food Health Conference

Australian Mineral Fertilisers are proud sponsors to an upcoming Women in Agriculture Soil & Food Health Conference at the Albany Entertainment Centre Western Australia.


This exciting event will bring together local growers, educators and passionate food advocates. Women from around Australia and New Zealand will be presenting on the vitality of our soil, the way we grow our food and the impact on global health. The term “you are what you eat” has true merit and will be explored by industry professionals such as;

Sabrina Hahn (Perth, WA)
– ABC radio presenter and writer for the West
– Gardening Horticulturalist, Consultant & Author

Nicole Masters (Auckland, NZ)
– Director of New Zealand Integrity Soils
– Independent Agroecologist & Consultant

Dr Carole Hungerford (Sydney, NSW)
– General Practitioner & educator
– Biological advocate & author

Maree Gooch (Perth, WA)
– Director of Belay Consulting
– Safe Farms WA, RRR & agribusiness educator

Tickets are available at;

AEC Box Office – (08) 9844 5005

or – 1300 795 012