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Grow Safe® by Australian Mineral Fertilisers, is a holistic approach to plant production with an emphasis on soil health, fertiliser efficiency and positive environmental outcomes.  

Backyard To broad-acre fertilisers

Grow Safe® fertilisers are available for everything from the home garden to the broad-acre farm. The Grow Safe® difference begins with their unique combination of Minerals & Microbes


Grow Safe® fertilisers are fortified with sixty comprehensive trace elements derived from natural ores and sulphates, then processed for bio-availability.


Grow Safe® offers probiotic fertiliser inoculants and biological products containing beneficial soil bacteria and fungi, facilitating water and nutrient uptake.

Fertilisers Designed with Agriculture

Australian Mineral Fertilisers communicated with farmers and industry, developing a range of Grow Safe® products for the agricultural sector – demonstrating improved fertiliser efficiency, plant yield and soil health.

Cropping​ Fertilisers

Fertilisers for grain yield, quality and plant resilience.

Pasture​ Fertilisers

Fertilisers fortified with minerals for fodder & animal health.


Grow Safe® Minerals & Microbes as a standalone product.

Horticulture​ Fertilisers

Fertilisers to enhance produce quality, taste & aroma.

Organic​ Products

Certified Allowed Inputs for organic production.

Biological​ Products

Dedicated biological products to enhance soil colonisation.

Farmer Stories

Grow Safe Farmers proudly present their agricultural businesses and methods to improve farm sustainability.

Farmer Story

Howie Family Farm – Cattle

Kieran Howie and his family are fourth generation cattle farmers in Manypeaks, located in WA’s Great Southern region.

Farmer Story

Nannup Estate – Winemakers

Mark & Alison Blizard are the proud winemakers of Nannup Estate, a picturesque vineyard in the Blackwood River escarpment, located in WA’s South West region.

Farmer Story

Tellarup Brook – Horticulture & Pasture

Kim and Donnette Edwards family farm is situated near Manjimup, Western Australia, growing avocados, raising cattle and a Poll Dorset stud; Tellarup Brook.

Farmer Story

Goodies Farm – Mixed Cropping

Dale and Penny Goodwin’s property, Goodies Farm, is situated in Kendenup, Western Australia. Goodies Farm includes a range of crops including oats, wheat, barley and triticale.

Farmer Story

Stonemeal Farm – Sheep

Stephen and Kerry’s property, Stonemeal Farm, is situated in Narrikup, Western Australia, producing lambs, merino wool and fodder crops following regenerative farming methods.

Farmer Story

H&A Norton & Sons – Pasture & Cropping

Luke Norton and his family are 3rd generation farmers, running dairy, beef and cropping operations across two properties near Capel in WA’s South West region.

Farmer Story

Mardella Farm – Dairy

Ros McKay is a dairy farmer from in the Serpentine region of Western Australia. Ros and her family enjoy the rural lifestyle and are passionate about the health of their livestock.

Farmer Story

Alwyn Park Stud – Equine

John Andrew co-founded Alwyn Park Stud in Serpentine, Western Australia over forty years ago. Specialising in thoroughbreds horses, John has a keen eye for animal health.

Fertilisers Tailored for Residential

Grow Safe® soil health principles have been applied to offer high performing and convenient residential products, suitable for the home garden, hobby farmer or commercial landholder.

Garden & Landscaping​

All-purpose fertilisers for the home garden and native plants.

Rural Residential

Fertilisers for small acreage agriculture and hobby farms.

Lawn & Turf

Fertilisers for commercial turf development.

Soil Microbes

Stand-alone soil bacteria & fungi products.

Proudly supported by Sabrina Hahn

“I began trials with Grow Safe® fertilisers fifteen years ago and was so impressed with the results, I have been using it exclusively ever since. Grow Safe® is a living fertiliser for the living soil.

Sabrina's Garden Tips

Garden Tip

Introducing Grow Safe® Residential

Sabrina Hahn – Hort with Heart, introduces the Grow Safe Residential range of mineral fertilisers and soil microbial products.

Garden Tip

Feeding Native Plants

Sabrina Hahn discusses fertilising native Australian plants such as grevilleas, verticordia and hakea.

Garden Tip

Home Composting

Sabrina Hahn discusses the fundamentals of composting, as well methods to both fortify and expedite the natural process.

Garden Tip

Importance of Minerals

Sabrina Hahn discusses the value of trace elements, particularly for the nutrient density of home grown food.

Garden Tip

Feeding Fruit Trees

Sabrina Hahn discusses fertiliser application rates, timing, frequency and suitability for a range of fruit trees.

Garden Tip

Earthworm Friendly Fertiliser

Sabrina Hahn discusses the importance maintaining earthworms in the garden ecosystem.

Garden Tip

Benefits of Soil Fungi

Fungal hyphae, found in the earth’s crust create good soil structure, stable carbon sequestration, water retention and nutrient availability for other species.

Garden Tip

Starting a Garden from Scratch 

Starting a garden from the bare earth can be a daunting experience, particularly if you are a novice gardener, but here are some handy tips!

Garden Tip

Forms of Pollination

All about the two different types of pollination, as well as the host of insects, birdlife and mammals that assist plant reproduction.

Australian Made & Owned

Grow Safe® by Australian Mineral Fertilisers (AMF), was founded in the year 2000 by a group of farmers and business professionals located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. Today, AMF manufacturers the Grow Safe® range of mineral fertilisers and biological products out of their Tenterden facility, with products for both the agricultural sector and home gardeners.

Industry Recognised

Australian Made​

Australian Made & Owned


ACCI Winner
Excellence in Environment & Sustainability


ACCI Winner
Excellence in Product Innovation


Fertcare Accredited
Organisation & Advisors

Grow Safe® Agriculture

Find out more about Grow Safe® agricultural products, services and trial history. 

Grow Safe® Residential

Find out more about Grow Safe® home garden retail, trade and rural residential products.

Christmas Closure

Seasons greetings from the team at Grow Safe® – Australian Mineral Fertilisers will be closed from midday the 22nd of December 2023 till the 8th of January 2024. Any enquires or online purchases during this period will be processed in the new year.