What is Grow Safe?

Grow Safe® by Australian Mineral Fertilisers, is a high performance system that tackles soil health, plant nutrition and sustainable food production. Grow Safe® products include a range of mineral fertilisers with over sixty different trace elements, and biological products containing beneficial bacteria & fungi to improve soil health. Grow Safe® products are available for all applications including agriculture, commercial industry and the home garden.

  • Evidence from over 20 years of vigorous research and independent trials consistently show superior results and that plants can be grown in a safe, natural way using Grow Safe® produces.
  • Grow Safe® programs are non-toxic, sustain high yields, reduce water usage and improve soil health.
  • Made and owned in Western Australia

The Grow Safe® agricultural and commercial products are shipped all over Australia – check the products tab or contact us to find out more. The Grow Safe® garden products are available at independent stores across Western Australia or can be purchased online.

Benefits of Grow Safe