Our approach

We believe there is an effective way for growers to be able to balance sustainable production, high yields and enhance profit, whilst using responsible farming practices.

The Grow Safe® system has been developed in Western Australia and arose from the needs of commercial growers. We undertook rigorous research, then assisted farmers and land managers to conduct independent trials at farms throughout the state.

Trials across broad acre farms, horticulture and viticulture consistently showed high levels of soil health and quality yields, with extremely low levels of leachable nutrients and residues in the soil, complying with legislated, environmental safety standards.

Farmers told us they wanted high performance products without high levels of chemicals; they wanted to optimise soil health and plant nutrition; they wanted non-toxic products and safety for their families; economic and environmental sustainability now and in the future.

Our innovative, scientifically proven approach combines essential minerals and specially coated soil microbes, into powerful “living” fertilisers that actively improve and sustain soil health for the long term.

Grow Safe® products have been developed specifically as efficient all-rounders because they:

  • Control-release nutrients for high yields throughout the year
  • suited for a range of applications and conditions
  • Reduce water usage
  • non-toxic
  • safe for our health and the environment

Today, Grow Safe® products are trusted by home gardeners, farmers, as well as local councils.