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Grow Safe products have been independently trialled and tested for over 20 years, with proven results.

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Trial Summary of Grow Safe® Products

Grow Safe® Mineral and Microbial products by Australian Mineral Fertilisers have been independently trialled for over 24 years.


UWA – Microbial Inoculant Response

UWA conducted a research trial examining wheat yield and soil health response to Grow Safe Premium Ag Microbes, chemical fertiliser and mineral fertiliser, Grow Safe NPK Crop.


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Proven Results

Australian Mineral Fertilisers engaged academia, government and independent trial groups to demonstrate the benefits of Grow Safe® products.

Plant Tissue Uptake

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Facey-Group Barley Trial

Gairdner, WA: Grow Safe® phosphorus NUE of 53.9% compared to 18.1% standard practice.

Nutrient Use Efficiency

UWA Wheat Trial

Replicated conditions of Dowerin, WA: significant gains in NUE with Grow Safe® minerals & microbes.

Increase Root Biomass

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MEAG Soil Consultancy

Mt Madden, WA: root-shoot biomass ratio of 50.5% compared to 26.9% on standard practice, and surface area of 890cm² compared to 360 cm².

Increase Yield

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MEAG Soil Consultancy

Esperance, WA: identified a 24.5% increase in wheat yield with Grow Safe® minerals & microbes.

Nutrient Density

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Living Farm Trial

Bruce Rock, WA: Grow Safe® plots had the highest yield, protein and hectolitre weights.

Animal Health

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Ascension Soil Co & Iluka Mines pasture trial

Capel, WA: improved production, dry matter and composition of pasture species (outcompeted weed varieties).

Mycorrhizal Colonisation

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UWA & DPIRD trial

Pindar, WA: 204% increase to mycorrhizal colonisation with Grow Safe® minerals & microbes, compared to standard practice.

Cost Effective

RAIN Trial

Ravensthorpe, WA: greater returns/ha on the Grow Safe® program, with a net return of $518/ha, compared to standard practice of $433/ha

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