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Australian Mineral Fertilisers (AMF) is a Western Australian manufacturer of the Grow Safe®mineral fertilisers and soil microbial products. AMF was established in the 2000 by a group of farmers and business professionals situated in the Great Southern Region of WA.

Grow Safe® products are available for both agricultural and residential applications.

Agricultural products can be customer collected at the Australian Mineral Fertiliser facility in Tenterden, WA or delivery through a freight provider. Contact us to organise bulk fertiliser collection. 

Residential products are available through a network of independent stockists or online.

Lighter products (3kg & 5kg lines) can be shipped anywhere in Australia. Bulky items (10kg & 20kg lines) are available for delivery to selected locations across Australia outlined below.

Shipping Information

For delivery outside of these areas or bulk enquiries, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Bulky items cannot be shipped to a PO Box. Authority to Leave conditions apply for all online deliveries.

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Grow Safe® products are made at the AMF manufacturing facility in Tenterden, Western Australia – situated at Lot 4, Albany Highway Tenterden WA 6322.

This will depend if you are seeking Agricultural or Residential products

Agricultural Products

  • Direct from the AMF factory in Tenterden, WA – Contact us for more
  • Through Stockists (select the Agriculture filter) on the Grow Safe® Stockists page

Residential Products

  • Online on the Grow Safe® Shop
  • Through Stockists (select the Residential filter) on the Grow Safe® Stockists page

Not necessarily. A Grow Safe® program often results in higher Gross Margin Returns ($$/ha) due to greater Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) and a reduced requirement for pesticides and agricultural supplements. Grow Safe® products have a range of long-term soil health benefits from the application of comprehensive trace elements, while the option of Grow Safe® microbial coating expediates these benefits.

The forms of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium used in Grow Safe® fertilisers are selected due to their biological compatibility, Nutrient Use Efficiency and release pattern in relation to the soil’s capacity. From a microbial perspective, these forms of NPK encourage the self-feeding mechanism of plants by allowing them to establish stronger root-systems and greater nutrient access. Focusing purely on concentration (%) with highly soluble NPK alternatives can be inefficient through environmental losses, while also disrupting the rhizosphere dynamics. Bacteria can become reliant on these soluble nutrients – bypassing the natural symbiotic relationship they would have had with the plant that provide a host of other benefits.

Every application of beneficial bacteria and fungi will have positive effect on the soil. The volume and frequency of application is determined by environmental conditions, soil organic matter, management practices and the existing microbial population. Extended periods of exposure to environmental stresses such as drought and waterlogging can have a detrimental effect to their populations. Regular pesticide interventions are another limiting factor on the survivability of soil microbes. In Agricultural programs, perennial grazing systems with an established network of bio-diversity will retain the microbial life more effectively than an say annual cropping system (with summer & autumn fallows) that has an absence of continual ground cover. The longer a property has been on a Grow Safe® system, the greater the microbial resilience and soil organic carbon levels to sustain them. All Grow Safe® Residential fertilisers come pre-coated with microbes, so microbial populations will always be replenished with regular use.

We recommend storage in a cool, dry environment out of direct sunlight and moisture. This applies to both Residential and Agricultural products. AMF have done extensive work finding the right balance between product hardness for transport, yet remaining soluble for plant uptake. Handling is similar to most fertilisers, however as no chemical-hardeners are used, one should be mindful of crushing product through worn augers or other equipment.

For an Agricultural program, the rates of fertiliser application are recommended on a case-by-case basis determined by the results of a comprehensive soil test report, farm budgets and desired yield. For Residential use, please refer to the relevant product page or the application rates on the packaging.

Certainly! Grow Safe® Gardener fertiliser is specifically made for every Residential application, with use on native Australian plants carefully considered in its development. 

From a physiological perspective, rock minerals are abrasive in nature. AMF use ground-breaking processing and granulating technology, as well as binding polymers to limit the abrasive effect these rocks minerals have on equipment.  

Grow Safe Field Advisors can assist with soil sampling, processing, interpretation and program recommendations, as well as plant tissue and biological testing for the agricultural sector. 

AMF offer comprehensive soil testing services to the Agricultural sector. These soil tests assess the chemical composition of top soil (0-100mm depth) with critical clues about associated biological and physical characters – all that provide solid bases for appropriate interpretations and evidence based scientific justifications. Grow Safe® Field Advisors can assist in sampling, interpretation and the recommendation of suitable products to meet any identified soil limitations.

The test results highlight the critical ratios of C: N (bio-mineralisation), Ca:Mg (Soil balance), K:Na (Salinity & Potassium availability) on top of the basic readings on soil reaction(pH), conductivity (EC), nutrient holding ability (CEC) along with the critical numbers of major Cations, Aluminium and Trace Minerals on the Exchangeable Sites – all in desired and prevailing ranges for a better comparison. To find out more or book a soil test appointment, check out the Grow Safe® Services page.

AMF offer standalone Agricultural test kits for DIY testing, or Grow Safe® Field Advisors complete these on your behalf, as well as reporting and recommendations. Tissue testing and interpretation aims to identify deficiencies or toxicity symptoms within crops, horticulture and pasture operations during the growing season. AMF have developed a Triple-M (Measure, Monitor and Manage) Program of on-paddock testing, utilising portable equipment to test plant sap for Nitrate, Potassium and Calcium levels along with pH, Conductivity (TSS) and Brix readings to facilitate quicker decision making for farmers.

Grow Safe® Field Advisors can assist in the sampling and interpretation process, with access to some of the best microbial labs across the country. Biological testing can offer an alternative program guidance on soil limitations from a microbial perspective, rather than a chemical one derived from a Comprehensive Soil Test. The Grow Safe® Field Advisors are also equipped with MicroBIOMETER test kits for real-time soil bacterial: fungal ratios.

The recommendation of any soil ameliorants is based upon the results of a comprehensive soil analysis. Grow Safe® Field Advisors will recommend these if the soil needs supplementation with calcium (lime), both calcium and magnesium (dolomite) or any other limiting factor.

Grow Safe® Agriculture

Find out more about Grow Safe® agricultural products, services and trial history. 

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