What Benefits does GrowSafe® Provide? How Does it Work?
Efficient “all rounder”
Suited to lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit, vegetables and native plants

The combination of bio-minerals and beneficial microbes increases the total nutrients available to plants, so you need less fertiliser to produce better yields.

Delivers high yields all year round because it control releases nutrients.

Fully granulated form makes it easy to spread.

Produces healthier, nutrient-rich plants The presence of water-activated, beneficial microbes improves the biological properties of the soil. It is also rich in silicates, an important nutrient for plants.
This means the soil and plants “hold on” to nutrients better. This results in better growth and produces superior, healthier plants that are dense in nutrients and more resistant to disease.
Improves soil quality and health
Sustains high yields

Grow Safe® microbes control release nutrients and transport them to plant roots to stimulate growth.

This helps to fix organic matter in the soil, which boosts soil structure, improves and preserves soil health.

Reduces water usage

Grow Safe® microbes stimulate root growth and soil organic Carbon, which leads to better water retention.

Beneficial microbe activity improves soil structure and health which helps improve water efficiency.

Reduces chemical use
Safe for our environment

Contains highly efficient, low levels of phosphorous and can reduce harmful, acid chemicals leaching through the soil and into our waterways.

Grow Safe® “soldier” bacteria and fungi protect roots and plants, make them stronger and more resistant to pests and diseases.

Healthier plants reduce the need for strong pesticides, reducing chemical pollution to our environment.

Non toxic, Safe to use

Bio-mineral fertiliser is safe because it is alkaline, low leaching and does not leave an acid residue in the soil.

Grow Safe® is a great non-toxic alternative to traditional chemical-packed fertilisers and is safe to use around children, pets, farm and native animals.