Grow Safe Fertilisers for Citrus

Discover the key to vibrant and healthy citrus groves with Grow Safe Citrus Fertiliser, tailored to nurture and protect your citrus plants from the root up.

Grow Safe Citrus Fertilisers

At the root of every flourishing citrus orchard lies the secret of meticulous care and nourishment – Grow Safe Horticulture Plus. Grow Safe’s formulated ‘Hort Plus’ blend is designed to meet the unique needs of citrus plants, ensuring they receive the optimal balance of nutrients essential for robust growth, abundant fruit production, and resistance against common diseases and pests. Here are four great reasons to choose Grow Safe Horticulture Plus for your grove:

Choosing Grow Safe Horticulture Plus means investing in the future health and productivity of your citrus grove, with the added peace of mind that comes from using products that are safe for the environment, your plants, and ultimately, for you.

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

Horticulture Plus is pre-coated with Grow Safe microbes for nutrient uptake, ensuring tree vigour and vitality.

Eco-Friendly Formulation

Committed to sustainability, Grow Safe Horticulture Plus has excellent Nutrient Use Efficiency, ensuring applied nutrients do not become environmental losses.

Boosted Disease Resistance

Horticulture Plus has a microbe coating that enhances soil health, including Trichoderma to facilitate the natural resilience of your citrus trees.

Maximised Fruit Quality

Horticulture Plus has sixty trace elements that result in nutrient dense fruit, improving citrus flavour, texture and aroma.

Horticulture Plus

A Grow Safe® flagship product containing high analysis trace elements & silicates, ideal for applications in horticulture and viticulture. This fertiliser is fortified with Grow Safe® minerals; trace elements that are micronised for plant availability. Horticulture Plus comes pre-coated with the Grow Safe® Microbial coating for enhanced Nutrient Use Efficiency. 

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Citrus Care Excellence

At Grow Safe, we understand that the foundation of any successful citrus orchard is not just the fertiliser but a holistic approach to care and maintenance. 

Our holistic approach encompasses a suite of services aimed at ensuring the health and yield of your orchard including comprehensive soil testing and customised nutrient formulations specifically for your grove. When you use Grow Safe products, you’re getting a complete care system for your citrus trees, helping every single one reach its best growth and health.

Our Expert Services

  • Soil Testing: Engage in detailed soil analysis, encompassing sample collection, independent laboratory examination, and tailored recommendations to optimise your grove’s health.
  • Agronomy Services: Benefit from our Fertcare accredited Field Advisors, who provide support in program development, soil test interpretation, and ongoing crop assistance.
  • Biological Testing: Gain insights into your soil’s health through real-time monitoring of bacterial and fungal balances and assessments of biological nutrient retention capabilities.
  • Custom Blending: Receive bespoke citrus fertiliser mixtures designed to cater to the specific needs of your soil or to address any nutrient shortfalls identified through comprehensive soil testing.

Implementing the Grow Safe approach means embracing a commitment to excellence in citrus cultivation. Our expertise and innovative products empower growers to achieve not only higher yields but also superior fruit quality and improved soil health.

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Citrus Fertiliser FAQs

Grow Safe Horticulture Plus is specifically formulated for fruit trees, offering a balanced blend of slow and fast acting nutrients, complete trace elements and the Grow Safe microbial coating, essential for optimal growth, fruit production, and disease resistance.

Yes, our fertiliser is designed for a wide range of citrus varieties, including oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits, ensuring each tree receives the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Grow Safe® offer dedicated Organic fertilisers, including ‘Natural’ & ‘Organic K’ as well as the microbial concentrates Premium Ag & Trichoderma Plus. These products are Allowed Inputs in Australian Organic Farming, Southern Cross Certified: 22002.

Grow Safe Horticulture Plus contains sixty trace and ultra-trace elements not found in standard fertilisers and are commonly deficient in agricultural soils. The application of these minerals strengthens the overall health and vitality of citrus trees, enhancing their natural defence mechanisms. Horticulture Plus also has a microbial coating for added natural resilience, with species including Trichoderma and Mycorrhizal fungi.

Application rates are largely dependent on citrus type, tree spacing, age, comprehensive soil test results and fertiliser history. As a guide, apply between 220 – 440 kg/ha or 1kg/tree of Horticulture Plus in early Spring, then again in late Spring, supplementing with granular nitrogen such as AMF-N as required in Spring and early Summer. Please contact one of the Grow Safe Field Advisors for more site specific recommendations.

Grow Safe Horticulture Plus is available through many agricultural stockists or on our website. Horticulture Plus comes as 20kg bags, 500kg & 1000kg bulk bags or loose bulk. For more information please see our product page, find a local stockist or contact us.

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