Soil Testing

Comprehensive soil testing delivers insights for optimal soil health & productivity.

Comprehensive Soil Testing

Australian Mineral Fertilisers offer comprehensive soil testing to identify soil limitations and improve agricultural performance. Grow Safe Field Advisors can assist with sampling, processing, interpretation and fertiliser recommendations. The comprehensive soil test has fifty-five test parameters, including;

Available & Total Nutrient Values

Nutrient Ratios

Carbon & Organic Matter

Phosphorus Buffering Index

Soil Electrical Conductivity

Soil Testing Services

In agriculture, comprehensive soil testing plays a crucial role in understanding soil limitations and requirements for plant growth. They reveal vital, site-specific data about the soil, contributing to healthier crops, grazing livestock performance, input efficiency and overall improved farming techniques. The more comprehensive the test, the more valuable and actionable insight can be gained. At Grow Safe, we offer a customised soil testing matrix with fifty-five test parameters including; available & total nutrients, nutrient ratios, carbon & organic matter, cation exchange capacity (CEC), phosphorus buffering index (PBI) and soil electrical conductivity (EC). These services deliver in-depth insights, enabling farmers to gain a better understanding of their soil conditions and make well-informed decisions for their agricultural practices.

How Soil Testing Works

Soil testing is a critical step in understanding the health and fertility of your land. At Grow Safe, our Field Advisors can provide sampling services with analysis completed through an independent provider, Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL). The Grow Safe team can interpret and report on these findings, recommending appropriate strategies that best address soil test indicators.

Grow Safe® Field Advisors are equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to collect accurate soil samples, either directly or by providing growers with a testing kit and detailed sampling guidance. Grow Safe® Field Advisors are also Fertcare Accredited to meet independent nutrient recommendation and quality assurance standards set by the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC). This ensures that samples are free from contamination and the best possible representation of your soil. Our services also extend to tissue testing during the growing season and biological testing, including real-time assessments of soil bacteria to fungi ratios using products such as the MicroBIOMETER, or taking soil samples for biological analysis.

Why Comprehensive Testing?

Comprehensive soil testing identifies site specific nutrient deficiencies (or adequacies) that can assist nutritional selection or soil remedies that a basic soil test focusing on pH cannot. A comprehensive test also provides an understanding of organic matter and the soil’s carrying capacity, assisting crop selection or planning best-fit land use. If applying soil ameliorants to address pH, a comprehensive test can identify the most appropriate products, be it dependent on calcium/magnesium ratios or to mitigate nutrient lock-up. Over time, comprehensive tests provide additional value through providing an on-farm database to monitor soil health over multiple seasons.  

Why Grow Safe?

Choosing Grow Safe for your soil testing services means opting for precision, expertise, and a commitment to agricultural excellence. Our fertiliser products have been tailored through rigorous testing and analysis to meet the unique needs of your soil, addressing deficiencies that standard fertilisers cannot. With Grow Safe, you benefit from:

  • Customised soil testing matrices developed by leading independent laboratories.
  • Expert Field Advisors trained in accurate soil sampling across Southern Western Australia, or providing remote support nationally. 
  • Experienced technical staff that can assist with detailed report interpretation and aligning with grower objectives. 
  • Innovative biological testing techniques for a detailed understanding of your soil’s health.
  • Custom Blending services to address specific site deficiencies, ensuring your crops receive exactly what they need.

Don’t leave the health of your soil to chance. With Grow Safe’s advanced soil testing services, you have the power to unlock the full potential of your land. Book a Grow Safe® Field Advisor today and take the first step towards a more fruitful and sustainable agricultural future. Visit our services page to learn more about how we can help you achieve optimal soil health and crop productivity.

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Soil Testing FAQs

Soil testing is a scientific process where soil samples taken from the top 100mm of topsoil are analysed to determine their nutrient content, composition, and other characteristics such as pH level and organic matter content. This information is crucial for making informed decisions about crop management and soil health.

Soil testing helps identify the specific needs of your soil, ensuring you can apply the right fertilisers in the correct amounts. This not only enhances crop growth and yield, but also prevents overuse of fertilisers or soil amendments, saving money and environmental losses.

This is largely dependent on the planned crop or if there is existing evidence of a nutrient deficiency. Generally it is recommended to test your soil at least once every 2-3 years. However, testing more frequently can be beneficial if you’re implementing new soil management practices, experiencing poor crop performance, or have made significant changes to your fertilisation strategies.

While you can collect soil samples yourself, Grow Safe offers expert Field Advisors equipped with the necessary tools and training to ensure accurate and reliable sampling. For those wishing to DIY, we provide a testing kit and guidance to ensure your samples are collected correctly and avoid sample contamination.

Grow Safe has a unique testing matrix that provides an excellent balance between test affordability and actionable soil data. Grow Safe products and recommendations consider improving the soil condition rather than simply maintaining it. Our capacity to supply custom fertiliser solutions, supported by consistent soil data is market leading.

Biological testing assesses the microbial activity in your soil, including bacterial to fungal ratios. While the testing technology is still emerging, it can be another helpful tool to examine what biological limitations your soil may have.

Soil testing identifies specific nutrient deficiencies, allowing for Custom Blending of fertilisers to meet your soil’s exact requirements. This targeted approach ensures your crops receive what they need without excess, optimising growth and sustainability.

Comprehensive soil testing is one the most accurate tools available to understand the soil limitations, however it is only one metric among many variables that influence agricultural production. The Grow Safe approach is to improve soil health, and by this process many external limiting factors to agricultural production can be mitigated.

To book a soil testing service or a consultation with a Grow Safe® Field Advisor, visit our website and fill out the booking form or simply contact us. We’ll guide you through the process and help schedule your appointment for the coming growing season.

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