Australian Mineral Fertilisers offer a range of agronomy services including soil testing and custom blending.

Comprehensive Soil Testing

Australian Mineral Fertilisers offer comprehensive soil testing to identify soil limitations and improve agricultural performance. Grow Safe Field Advisors can assist with sampling, processing, interpretation and fertiliser recommendations. The comprehensive soil test has fifty-five test parameters, including;

Available & Total Nutrient Values

Nutrient Ratios

Carbon & Organic Matter

Phosphorus Buffering Index

Soil Electrical Conductivity

Independent Soil Laboratory

Australian Mineral Fertilisers have developed a customised soil testing matrix through independent provider, Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL). To learn why a comprehensive soil test is more valuable than a standard test, check out the resources page on soil testing.

Soil Sampling

Grow Safe® Field Advisors have the equipment and training to collect soil samples on the behalf of customers located in the southern agricultural regions of Western Australia.

For growers wishing to collect their own samples for testing and analysis, Grow Safe® Field Advisors can provide a testing kit and sampling guidance on procedures to mitigate potential contamination and ensure accurate sampling results.

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Agronomy Services

Grow Safe® Field Advisors offer a range of agronomy services, including;

Soil Sampling

Soil Testing Interpretation

Nutritional Recommendations

Biological Testing

Plant Tissue Testing


Grow Safe® Field Advisors are Fertcare Accredited to meet independent nutrient recommendation and quality assurance standards set by the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC).

Grow Safe® Field Advisors can assist the sampling process, interpret report findings and provide fertiliser program recommendations. A typical Grow Safe® recommendation would assess the comprehensive soil test results, identify the nutrient requirements and ascertain what could be utilised from both a chemical and biological perspective.

Local Advice

Grow Safe® Field Advisors follow the Measure, Monitor & Manage (3 M’s) protocol when it comes to developing effective nutritional programs. Grow Safe® Field Advisors utilise soil testing (via independent laboratory, EAL), tissue testing (in-season), biological testing (real-time or comprehensive), visual analysis and grower feedback to develop tailored agricultural programs.

Meet the Field Advisors and rest of the Grow Safe® team located throughout Western Australia.

Agricultural Advice

Ag Advice

Understanding NPK Ratios and Their Impact on Soil Health

Learn the significance of NPK ratios in soil health and how Grow Safe’s sustainable solutions offer effective nutrient management for optimal crop productivity.

Ag Advice

The Science of Slow Release Fertiliser

Explore the benefits of slow-release fertilisers in modern agriculture. Discover how they provide consistent nutrition, boost crop productivity, and minimise environmental impact.

Ag Advice

Grow Safe Pasture – with Louis Poiron

Senior Field Advisor, Louis Poiron, explains the Grow Safe difference on a pasture program. On-location at the Howie family farm in WA’s Great Southern.

Ag Advice

Grow Safe Viticulture – with Bruce Pearse

Viticultural Consultant, Bruce Pearse, explains the Grow Safe difference on a horticultural program. On-location at Nannup Estate in WA’s South West.

Ag Advice

Introducing NueGen – with Stephen Frost

Grow Safe founder, Stephen Frost, introduces NueGen: the Grow Safe Minerals and Microbes as a standalone soil ameliorant, suitable for all agricultural applications.

Ag Advice

Building Root Biomass

Enhancements to root biomass can have significant impact on fertiliser efficiency, water storage and plant resilience, as well a range of other soil benefits.

Ag Advice

Soil Carbon Capture

Carbon sequestration is the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide in the soil, that can provide a number of primary production benefits.

Ag Advice

Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE)

Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) is a measure of how effectively plants utilise nutrients from the available sources, with significant impact on farm production.

Ag Advice

Strategies to Mitigate Frost

Frost damage is an issue all too familiar to farmers – thankfully, there are methods to mitigate the effects of frost, both at seeding and during the growing season.

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Biological Testing

Grow Safe® Field Advisors are equipped with MicroBIOMETER’s for a simple, yet real-time indicator of soil bacteria to fungi ratios.

Grow Safe® Field Advisors can also take soil samples for more comprehensive biological testing via independent microbiology laboratories.

Custom Blending

Comprehensive soil testing can help identify site specific deficiencies that a standard fertiliser may not immediately address. Australian Mineral Fertilisers offer Custom Blending to meet these requirements or other tailored fertiliser requests. 

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Christmas Closure

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