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Garden Tip

Grow Safe® Spreadable Microbes – Soil Probiotics

Sabrina Hahn introduces Grow Safe Spreadable Microbes, a probiotic concentrate of beneficial soil bacteria, fungi and trace elements.

Garden Tip

Grow Safe® Gardener – Living Fertiliser

Sabrina Hahn introduces the Grow Safe Gardener fertiliser. Gardener is suitable for every application, including native plants.

Garden Tip

Growing Tomatoes from Seed

Let’s look at how you can save your best tomatoes from your own seed for planting this year, keeping aside for next summer.

Garden Tip

Growing Sweet Potatoes

The Sweet Potato is not at all related to the common potato, its more of a tropical ground cover with large tubers that prefer growing in warmer climates and a wet summer.

Garden Tip

Managing Summer Pests

There’s a few garden pests that love the warmer weather and you will notice their presence on certain plants, such as chewers and sap suckers.

Garden Tip

Growing Strawberries

The hard thing about growing strawberries is that every other living creature loves them as much as we do!

Garden Tip

Spring into Kangaroo Paws

One of the most popular garden plants are Kangaroo paws, and rightly so, they have extraordinary flowers and put on an explosion of colour!

Garden Tip

Modern Grevilleas

There have been some stunning new grevilleas released over the past 10 years, and luckily for us many of the new hybrids available to the public.

Garden Tip

Encouraging Birdlife

Birds play such an important role to the ecology of any garden, not only managing plant-eating insects, but connecting us to nature.

Grow Safe® Agriculture

Find out more about Grow Safe® agricultural products, services and trial history. 

Grow Safe® Residential

Find out more about Grow Safe® home garden retail, trade and rural residential products.

Christmas Closure

Seasons greetings from the team at Grow Safe® – Australian Mineral Fertilisers will be closed from midday the 22nd of December 2023 till the 8th of January 2024. Any enquires or online purchases during this period will be processed in the new year.